Buckle up you are now on Jake’s Journey and it’s going to be an unexpected and wild ride. 

If you find yourself on this page, first off that’s awesome and you probably are the first to read thing , but more importantly get ready for some insights into what to expect with this blog and how following along will help you build a kickass life.

This blog is focused on a lot of health and fitness stuff at the moment but be warned there is going to be some serious wisdom bombs dropped in the future.

My Story

Born in the actual wilderness of Idaho I spent my childhood in the outdoors: skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking and fly-fishing. It was a utopia of a childhood but the stubbornness of youth had me striving for something different.

After years of being a fly-fishing and white water rafting guide on one of the most premier rivers in the world I finished my degree in aerospace engineering thinking I had it made. My shiny new career and “big” salary was going to make me happy and fulfilled like I always imagined. After 3 years into a job designing satellites in a slow moving and less slowly dying company I looked in the mirror and realized I was the most unhappy I had ever been.

Was this what success looks like? What happened to the missing part of me?  Where was my life headed?

I realized I had to get back to my roots and re-discover myself so I quit my job and decided I was going to change everything and design the life I always knew I should be living. This journey took time but everything I was doing compounded together to create what is now the most kickass life I can imagine. Today when I look in the mirror I see a savage yet loving man living a fucking dream life that is balanced across the things that matter to me. Since deciding to make this change I have done a lot of things like: becoming a successful electronic music producer and touring across the country, starting several online businesses, starting a Youtube channel sharing my outdoor adventures, moving to Colorado and building the dream home for my wife, and finding a career that I truly enjoy that pays very well and enables my dream lifestyle.

I now spend my weekends as an adventurer. Skiing gnarly peaks, climbing Colorado's tallest mountains, mountain biking the most remote trails, or trail running to unknown fly-fishing locations. I have always found balance and meaning through adventure and physical hardship.  

Now I don't want to say I am perfect by any means and will be open about the ways I am trying to make my life better and the thinking and stagey I am using

Jake’s Journey 

My goal with this blog is to share how I changed my life to get to where I am today and also the practical tools from health protocols to productivity hacks that have helped me along the way. 

Get ready for some twists and turns in my posts but know they are all focused around building the most perfect balanced life possible. Follow me on my journey of becoming a modern renaissance man. 

Socials / Places to see some of my work/projects

Product Design / Opto-Mechanical Engineering (LinkedIn)
Photography (Instagram)
Outdoor Adventures (Youtube)
Electronic Music (Website, Spotify)

I can also be found on X or by email at kaiserjake1@gmail.com

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